Nashville: Arriving and Day 1

 Monday, June 8th

For those of you that know anything about me, you know I go to school in Nashville, but vacationing here is an entirely different experience. This week I am here with my parents and my lovely boyfriend for all that is the Country Music Festival.

My boyfriend and I were supposed to fly in this afternoon with just enough time to go to my southern home, get ready for the evening and go to dinner before a benefit, but things have changed. Our flight was delayed over three hours and we ended up just going home to watch the third game of the Stanley Cup Finals {GO BOLTS}. 

Tuesday, June 9th  


An early morning was to be had in order to go to one of the most iconic and best breakfast places in Nashville, the Loveless Cafe. Once an old adorable motel turned restaurant, this place serves the best biscuits you'll ever taste. All of the jams and preserves are homemade (along with everything else) and it's hard to stop eating even when you're beyond full. This is by far one of my favourite restaurants, BUT you have to go early in the morning unless you want to wait an hour and a half for a four-top table. I've been there. Still worth it. 

Following this, a little adventure was had and we went to a small river and swimming hole in a park (Percy Warner) outside downtown. The water is chilly but it's fun! 

For dinner we went downtown to Acme Feed and Seed for one of the best hot chicken sandwiches you'll find in one of the coolest atmospheres in Nashville. HIGHLY recommend!