What Would Olivia Palermo Wear? 

Olivia Palermo is an American style icon and socialite with impeccable taste in clothes, shoes, and accessories (and lets not forget, husbands). She always has perfect hair and rocks the middle part like no one I have ever seen. I decided I would post a few of my favorite looks and suggestions on how you can go about styling your day like she does. 

First, hair. The middle part is definitely a 2015 trend on the rise, and Olivia has it mastered. She wears it straight, curly, braided, and in various bun-like updos, and almost all of them feature a middle part. If your hair doesn't naturally part in the middle, you can blow dry it (focusing on your hairline) to ensure you achieve the precise middle part. Begin by almost entirely drying the front of your hairline, and then use a comb to part your hair down the middle. Continue to blow dry until you see that your hair is not trying to return to it's usual part. A frizz-taming serum can definitely be used if needed. 

Secondly, casual attire. Olivia knows how to be comfortable without giving up her fashion sense. While rocking flats, tees, and jeans she still looks chic as ever. Pleather shorts and a meshy sweater give her that borderline summer/fall feel, and is comfortable enough to walk her dog in it. If you're sporting some jeans and a plain tee and want to dress it up a touch, add a simple blazer. Chambray always goes well with denim, and so do oversized blouses. 

Lastly, husband style appreciation.  She and her husband, Johannes Huebl very much understand the art of dressing well together. Luckily, my boyfriend enjoys his blazers and dress shoes, so I too get to enjoy that. Here are some perfect pictures of Olivia and her hubby together.

ps: She just launched new products from her line of Ciaté at Sephora! Be sure to check it out, I can't wait to invest in a new lipstick or two. My friend and fellow blogger, Molly got to go to the Times Sqaure location and meet her! Check photos from the event below and her blog here




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