giving thanks

if you're reading this, it's wednesday and thanksgiving is tomorrow. the question is, do you know what you're wearing? if you're like me, you look forward to holidays for the food, friends and family of course, but also  the looks you can serve with those potatoes. if you're willing to spend, look to Urban Outfitters (plus there's probably one nearby). They have sparkles and shimmery things galore, and these are things that never disappoint. Another option is Topshop (if you're lucky enough to be near one). However, if not, you check your local Nordstrom! They're still on the pricier side but you can find great things on sale at either location! My final go-to is Zara (if you  must  ). They're known for their fast fashion and sweatshops among many, but they're also known to successfully rip off big name designers giving you high fashion looks at a lower cost. Pick your poison. anyway , check out my gallery for my top picks from these places and let me know if you're able to find anything! if you can't go before tomorrow, you can always shop for christmas and new year's looks! ❤️ stay full of food & stay cute

xx, jami-lyn

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