designer sales (???!!!!!!)

yes you read that correctly. there are big high fashion deisgners that are having sales right now. granted, their "sales" are still super expensive but they're fun to look at. I've recently been online dreaming (yes, i've coined that term. "online dreaming: verb. to browse online stores that contain things you dream about but can't purchase because you're a college student" ) on Prada, Chloe, Gucci, and every fashion girl's dream come true, the Outnet. the is Net-A-Porter's essentially designer clearance website where people like me can actually afford things (sometimes). Whether you're looking to buy (or online dream) for mom, sister, girlfriend, husband, father, boyfriend or anyone in between, these websites have the nicest of things. peep the gallery of my favorite things for any and everyone (because really, who wouldn't like these). happy shopping (or, again, online dreaming!!!!)



ps; some of the links aren't showing the sale prices, but just go to the drop down once you get to the website and hit "sale" and you're good to go ❤️

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