this is a subject in most magazines, beauty blogs and frankly most everything regarding looks, and i'm here to tell you what insight i have on the subject. there is such a thing as OVER doing your eyebrows (that is if you do them yourself, which i do. i've never had them done). and there comes a time when your eyebrows won't grow back, and it'll be too late to try and fix them. 

for the longest time (i mean longest time) i had over-plucked and overdid my eyebrows and i had no idea i was doing so. it wasn't until last summer i realized this, and even then i needed help. i was stopped by an anastasia brow expert in nordstrom and she told me she just had to pull me aside because she saw my brows, how overdone they were and needed to give me info. she told me not to worry and that i'm still young, but by over-plucking your eyebrows for an extended amount of time, they eventually cease to grow back. this honestly alarmed me and i had some work to do. from that point on i focused on my eyebrows and how i wanted them to look. i began to pencil in (softly) where i wanted the shape to be, and at the end of the day, before i take my makeup off, only then do i get rid of any unwanted/stray hairs. that's how i now have the eyebrows i do, and i'm thankful they grew back! check the before and afters in the gallery. 

i used to use the anastasia brow wiz and powder, but now i use the gucci blonde brow pencil and its amazing. most brow pencils aren't very pigmented and i find you have to press unreasonably hard to get anything to come out, but this pencil changes lives, i've had to sharpen it twice and i've had it two weeks. that is how gentle you can be. yep. get it here

happy brows = happy life. 



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