workout gear

if you're like me, you need cute workout clothes to be inspired to work out, and I have just the company for you. Year of Ours. they're made in the USA, and made to be wearable outside of the gym because they're cute as heck!!!!! the color palette, the designs, and silhouettes, they're all perfect. so far I own the ribbed tank and sweat shorts, both in tan, and I just purchased the ribbed bodysuit in pink. needless to say i can't wait to wear these pieces literally all the time. i've started running (which sucks and feels awful) but you know, i feel great after i do it and my body has a love/hate relationship with how it feels during and after (lol). REGARDLESS these clothes are so dang cute and everyone needs them. they're obviously not too mainstream yet, which is cool. plus, I have a discount code for you!!! TEAMYOS for 10% off at checkout! go get yourself some gear and be cute. 



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