what's under the tree?!

this is a little post-christmas depression post where i talk about how sad i am christmastime is over and maybe show you what all the amazing people in my life gave to me.  

my parents are such blessings; i don't know how i got parents as amazing as they are. this year was one for the books. from my parents, i got the video (and amazing photo) camera i wanted with a prime 35mm lens, the chloe shirt and slides of my dreams, a coffee table book on gucci, a lovely dress, a coach varsity jacket and a velvet cardigan. from my father, i got a dionysus gucci bag that i literally burst into tears over. i can't fathom it. he has an amazing taste in bags let me tell you.  

from my wonderful boyfriend, i got a beautiful teal backdrop, a cute fricken hat, and a gucci keychain that says hawaii on it (cause he knows i'm obsessed) and some amazing ray bans. i love him. 

today was beautiful and spent with family and my boyfriend and his family and it was all so great. merry christmas everyone. stay cute. 



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