looking back

well as 2016 draws to a close, i have a few things to look back on: 


-my school and my major (o'more; fashion merchandising)

-my boyfriend (christian)

-how appreciative i am for my family and the ones i love (though you can always love them some more) 

-love for clothes (always)

-my love for food  (always)


-i now can say i like chorizo (no mom, i still don't like beans)

-i now REALLY care whether or not clothes are made in china/sweatshops (sorry @hm, zara, and forever 21)

-i've tried octopus (GROSS SAVE URSELVES)

-i'm 20 (and not 19 lolz)

-i've become more consistent with posting on my blog (woo!)

-my boyfriend and i started a vlog (CHECK IT)

-i discovered what an insta aesthetic was  (thanks to lightroom i have my very own "filter")

i was not on the "let's skip 2016 it was awful" boat, and i actually had a great year. i try and focus on the positive. try to do the same if you're interested in what they call "happiness" (there's rainbows & cookies & flowers there)



ps: check the new vlog below :)


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