are you inspired by your school, university or college? if you answered no to school and you're in high school, you got this. just get through it! if you answered no and you're in college/university, you may be in the wrong one. i'd know. i'm at my third one (lol). because of my college prep high school, I felt the need to go to a big, academically challenging school to get that degree with a school on top that carried some weight; SO I went to Boston College after graduating with a 4.1. It was a beautiful campus and great school, but something just wasn't right. I then went to Belmont University for a year, and still felt rather uninspired and I had no motivation to go to class and I had no idea what direction I was headed in. and then I found it. O'More College of Design. haven't heard of it? i hadn't either, but i'm so glad i stumbled upon it. i've loved fashion my whole life, and discovering a fashion merchandising BFA sounded like exactly what i wanted a degree in. i'm finishing up my second semester at o'more and i'm here to tell you about how constantly inspired i am. by my teachers, by my fellow students, and even by my assignments. yes. my assignments. i'm often given a semi-vague assignment sheet, and we're given the reigns to do with it what we will. this is where the inspiration comes in. some of my favorites from this semester were in my illustration class and my textiles class. 

my illustration assignment was to determine a market we wanted to design for, design three looks, find fabrics, colors, and create three boards. I completed this assignment with as much creativity as possible, but I ended up inspired to try and bring one of my looks to life; and i did! see that in my gallery over there :) with my textiles assignment, i was told to simply take a piece of fabric, and alter it permanently in two ways. i started to think of what fabric i wanted to use: velvet. i then did research and figured out exactly what i wanted to do with it. i decided to take white cotton velvet, dye it magenta with heated red wine, and then emboss it using a rubber stamp and an iron. i'm so so happy with how it came out, so check it out in the gallery! 

find what makes you inspired and run with it.



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