Aruba: March 2016

We took on the caribbean this spring break; watch above to see our adventures at a glance and be sure to subscribe :)

SPRING BREAK FINALLY ARRIVED and then it ended and I'm suffering from spring break (and boyfriend) separation. My boyfriend and I, along with my family, took a trip to the island of Aruba for 7 days. There was snorkeling, swimming, tanning, sunburning, eating and a whole lot of photography. In the next few passages, I'll give you a low down of the best things to do and places to go while you visit this happy island (you'll be planning your trip by the end of this blog). 

Where to Stay: I've been to Aruba several times and have stayed at the La Cabana, the Playa Linda, both the Marriott Ocean and Surf Clubs, as well as a house through VRBO. This past trip we stayed at the Marriott Surf Club, which is personally one of my favorites. All three of the Marriott hotels are close to each other so you can enjoy the food and shops at all three, as well as the shopping malls that are just a short walk away! (These are also a short walk away from the Playa Linda). I love this area the most, there are so many stores and yummy restaurants to try!

Where to Eat: My personal favorites are as follows, and I will go into a little bit of detail on each one: Eduardo's Beach Shack, The Lazy Turtle, and La Trattoria Faro Blanco. Eduardo's Beach Shack is a healthy little haven on the property of the Playa Linda. They have the BEST acai bowls, amazing smoothies and several protein balls to snack on. The Lazy Turtle is in the little outdoor mall across from the Playa Linda, and has a wide array of foods; from burgers and beef stroganoff to dishes inspired from Africa. I loved both of the dishes I got: A Plantain and Coconut Soup (not nearly as sweet as it sounds) and a delicious pasta dish. We went to La Trattoria Faro Blanco Twice, and with only 7 dinners, that's saying a lot. This Italian restaurant has the best view, best service and best Italian food. Just go. 

What to Do: Some of the best things to do in Aruba include: Snorkeling at De Palm Island, A Private Snorkel trip on a Sailboat (The large group trips are so hectic, I recommend Roberto's), a Helicopter Ride, Seeing the California Lighthouse and stopping at the rocky coast geysers on the way (you'll take a left at a rock wall entrance), and just relaxing. I can't stress that enough. Hang by the pool or beach and just relax. Make sure you're wearing sunscreen though, and a lot of it. The sun is so strong. 

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