being yourself

it's a new start. it's a new semester. it's another chance for me to keep up with a blog. (now onto the post). 

being yourself is up near the top of the list of important things near God, love, truth and trust and they all kind of go together. God made you who you are for a reason. you're special, and for that reason you should not only be yourself, but you should  love   yourself too. you're awesome I swear. trust that you're more than good enough, unique enough and special enough to truly be who you are and embrace it. (notice how I've incorporated everything on my little list of important things into one little message).

this is something I've learned recently. no one is perfect,  and I've been able to love myself a lot more when I don't compare myself to others, and this makes it so everyone else can love you a lot easier too.  

have a happy and self-loving week y'all  



ps: peep my first day of classes outfit! 

top: TOV at Nordstrom; denim: Brandy Melville; shoes: via spiga; bag: Matt & Nat