vintage vibes

Since my arrival in Nashville in the winter of 2014, one of my favorite things about it have been the discovery of all the little vintage stores, and it's even helped me perfect the art of thrifting. My personal favorite store here is Top Knot Vintage over in East Nashville. It's a quaint little store with AMAZING finds at great prices. Another great store is Local Honey (One near Belmont University and another near East Nashville also). However, this blog post is more geared toward a few realizations I've had. 

  1. Fashion is a cycle, and everything comes back around. This is factual. (High waisted pants, crop tops, puffy sleeves) It's all been here before. 
  2. Vintage finds are the most exciting to buy, because in that moment, no one else can run to that store and buy the same thing you just did. 
  3. I'm going to play around with up-cycling vintage finds into something totally new, and you're the first to hear about it. 

Take a peek at the images below, and shop the one of a kind pieces in my store here now!