this & that

recently I decided I have a poll on Twitter to see what people would be most interested in in regards to what I blogged about; however, the results were not as expected. I figured one option would far outweigh the rest, but I was wrong. each of the options fared rather closely, so I came to a conclusion. I would blog a little bit about each of the options: fashion, food, advice and inspiration, and my personal life.  

this post? an introduction. setting the scene. I've begun my second semester at O'More (and my third year of college) and I've honestly never been more inspired. I have two wonderful parents who support me in any and every way, an incredible boyfriend who pushes me towards my dreams every day, and I'm in an environment where I can truly thrive. there's fashion all around me, friends who inspire me, and not to mention the delicious food. 

from here on out, you'll find posts on my take on fashion, food, advice and much more. the catch? you'll never know what my next post is going to be about, so I guess you'll have to subscribe ;) 



ps: catch a look from earlier this week!

top: me to we; denim: TOPSHOP; bralette: me to we; jacket: urban outfitters; shoes: puma; necklace: the giving keys