bye bye dairy

For the longest time, I found myself dealing with bloating, discomfort and an overwhelming sense of fullness with every meal just assuming it was normal. It wasn't until I had a conversation with one of my best friends that it may be because of dairy products. At this point, I decided to get the lactate pills, and continue to eat normally to see if it would help, but I didn't really find a change. After this, I really decided it was time to try and cut out most dairy products: milk, ice cream, creamer etc. I still eat cheese in moderation, but only cheeses that are low in lactose (cheddar, parmesan, romano) and stay away from feta, american, and most others. Since doing this, I find myself not only with a flatter tummy, but losing weight too! "low fat" milks, yogurts and other dairy products are actually worse for you than whole! In "reducing" the fat, they take out the good fats and replace them with sugars which is obviously a no-no. Now I've been sticking to almond and coconut milk, and even the lactose free milks you can find! This one is good when you're craving a normal glass of milk because you're really not able to taste a difference! If you'd like a little more info on what I've discovered and have been experiencing, check out this article! It's so informative and wonderful. ps: Starbucks now offers almond milk, and it's VERY good. I tried it with a PSL to really get me in the fall mood, and I was so impressed. Happy eating! 




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