stop fast fashion.

stores like forever 21 and h&m. do you ever wonder why its so much cheaper than what you find at nordstrom, neiman marcus and more? do you ever wonder why it gets destroyed in the wash, or shrinks three sizes? it could have to do with the fact the garments are made by men, women and children (yes, children) being paid CENTS to make them. these people are being trapped in buildings (so they can't leave their work) that end up collapsing, then causing fatalities. this is why the clothes at forever 21 and h&m are so cheap. I hate to break it to you, but there are even more expensive stores like Zara that use sweatshops too. these companies use this method of making these clothes to get the trends spotted on the street on their shelves ASAP, and these trends only last a matter of weeks. THIS my friends, is fast fashion. Companies are making far too many garments and collections to keep up with, and once you buy one item, this is suddenly out of fashion and there's something new. this exact ordeal is what needs to stop.  Trends used to last three months at least, and were more seasonal than anything. Companies have just been greedy, and the fashion industry is tainted. Upon watching "The True Cost" on netflix, I can honestly say I haven't purchased anything with a tag that says "made in ____", insert countries like india, china and bangladesh. I'm 1000000% over purchasing things I can/want to wear once, and rather want to invest in pieces I can wear for years, and would gladly sew if it were to get a hole. Could you say the same about something from forever 21? You'll end up spending the same amount of money if not SAVE money by purchasing quality pieces over cheap things you can't wear over and over. Find those gems at Nordstrom Rack that say "made in italy" or "made in USA". search a thrift store for that high quality piece. I promise you I run into the good stuff at amazing prices all the time, you just can't settle. ok. rant over. 



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