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I know what you're thinking, and no this isn't about selfies, it's about lips; more specifically, lipsticks. I may be alone on this, but I am sick of the whole matte lip trend. no, I'm not sick of how it looks; I think it looks great. I, however I am sick of how it feels. Any brand I've tried (Kylie's Lipkits in all her glory, Kat Von D, and Kala Cosmetics) all leave me feeling dry and giving awkward smiles because my lips are too tight. this is not to mention how awful they look as it starts to come off. It doesn't come off evenly whatsoever, it's blotchy and leaves my lips looking diseased. needless to say, I'm done wearing matte lipsticks, and they're in a drawer in my bathroom. if you're also in my boat, and even if you aren't, I'm going to give you some of my favourites that aren't the "matte" that comes from a tube with an applicator. (Yes that means there are some matte lips that are in the format of a normal lipstick, and feel like normal lipstick). 

My ultimate favorite: Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G "Hepburn Honey". This is a perfect nude that isn't too light, even with a tan. Perfect for all seasons! Find it here!

Next favorite: Tom Ford's "Guilty Pleasure". This looks like it would go on sheer, but it's wonderfully pigmented and has a beautiful gold shimmer. I absolutely love it, you can find it here

Last but not least: Gucci's Moisture Rich Lipstick in "Lush Maroon". Please just look at the packaging; do I have to say more? Okay obviously I do because it's pricy and about the lipstick, but WOW that packaging. This lip has a beautiful pigment, and is a cooler red (which makes the teeth look whiter than a warm red!!!) and it stays on so nicely. Also, if you buy from the website, they send it in a beautiful gucci shopping bag within a very well packaged box, and your receipt in an envelope. What. Get it here

I'm telling you, you won't regret these purchases. I wear one of them every day. So good. Bless. 



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