Forces of Fashion: Part I


So, many of you have probably seen Vogue's ads for their Forces of Fashion conference, just to find out it was $3,000. I wasn't letting that stop me. I *no joke* emailed about 6 different people at Vogue inquiring about student tickets, and I had almost lost hope when I finally got a response. The woman made an exception to the already sold out student tickets, and I was able to snag one for a mere $150. The star-studded list of speakers had me so excited. From Anna Wintour to Rihanna, boy do I have some nuggets of wisdom for you. However, because there is so much info, I'm going to break it up into three separate posts. 

Anna began the day discussing the history of Vogue, and how time and technology have caused it to evolve, and they're proud Vogue has managed to stay relevant for now 125 years. Anna stuck around for every single talk, too! She stood in the corner with her iconic bob and sunglasses being the queen she is. 

Stella McCartney: "Technology is really sexy, its better than a thigh high slit in a skirt."

First of all, in case you are unaware, she is Paul McCartney's daughter. She grew up on organic everything, which inspires any and everything she does. She loves technology and how its allowing cruelty-free fashion to become more and more accessible. Stella had many great thoughts on this and claimed "technology can save us." She's all about sustainability. She's done collaborations with recycled plastic, and is currently working on reworking "rejected" cashmere as well. Along with that, she's working with my personal favorite, The Real Real on making fashion a more sustainable industry and loves that its changing the game. She talked about how years ago, something like The Real Real would be considered as "dirty as porn" but nowadays, everyone loves it. 

Dries Van Noten: "There's too much fashion in the world."

 Dries Van Noten is a Belgian designer known for his timeless and genuinely intellectual designs. With everything he said, I was able to gain insight into the mind and heart of each and every collection. He really touched on the speed of fashion and how he refuses to change his process. Even now, when many designers have four or more collections per year, he only produces two seasons worth: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. He finds it tragic that large companies (like Forever 21 and H&M) are able to see his shows, and turn out knockoffs of his precious designs before his are even able to hit the stores, but he acknowledges that's just how it is. 

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