Life Update & Workout Regime

Guys, it has been a while. 

I'm terribly sorry. I've been insanely busy doing projects, organizing next semester's classes, traveling, and taking photos when I possibly can. Some fun projects I've been a part of includes designing and installing a window display or two, having my photo be used as an ad in a local magazine, getting featured in Vogue Italia, and digitally designing some clothes and prints to name a few. Again, I've been busy (ugh). 

Meanwhile, what's been keeping me sane (Christian's hugs aside) is hot yoga. My goodness, I cannot tell you how amazing this has been for me. Many workouts don't leave my body feeling genuinely good. Running, no. My shins always feel like they're bleeding. Spin class? My tailbone (and that general area. Sorry, but you know what I'm talking about) is absolutely wrecked after, so no thank you. When it comes to actually going to the gym, does anyone, aside from guys that are already jacked, actually enjoy this? If you do, that's fantastic, but I simply cannot vibe with it. Hot yoga is the answer to my workout prayers.


I'm going to be honest, the fancy yoga terms were really intimidating the first time, and I may have felt a little uncomfortable, but I'm there for the good vibes, the toned legs, and the firm glutes. At the end of every class,  my instructor has us "put our hands on our head for kind thoughts, on our mouth for kind words, and on our heart for kind hearts." which is super sweet and gets me in a good mood for the rest of the day. 

Sorry to disappoint, but my regime is go to hot yoga at least twice a week. Bring a water (in a double-insulated bottle), a yoga towel (to put on top of your mat), a yoga mat, and wear long yoga pants (so you don't get slippery) and a sports bra. That's it! Go get zen, folks. 

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