Dec. 26th is essentially the start of the new year. 

Like most people, I've got a few resolutions that I may or may not fulfill, though I definitely intend to. 

  1. In yoga, they always end class with a phrase: "Hands on your heart for a kind heart, hands on your head for kind thoughts, and hands on your lips for kind words." and I really want to live out this mindset in my daily life. I think it would be a good thing to live by. 
  2. Portion control. This is more realistic than cutting out bread, sugar etc. 
  3. Clean the heck out of my closet. Some things just have to go. 
  4. Exercise at least twice a week. (if you set the bar low, you can be an overachiever later lol)
  5. Blog more. Not because a lot of people read these, because a lot of people don't. Just to be more accountable. 
  6. Floss every night. Its the little things. 

So, in order to be more accountable, I want to know what you'd like to hear about! Fill out the form below, and let me know! 

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xx, jami-lyn

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