A Note on Photography

Hold on to your iphones, because I've got some news.

Though iPhones seem to make everyone a “photographer” nowadays, everyone is not a photographer. Sorry. Cameras don’t take great photos either, by the way. The photographer does. The editing process is also lengthy, time consuming, frustrating and sometimes painful (on the eyes and head). Genuine photography is not an easy process, and it takes time and practice to get the shots that YOU want to see. 

All the technical things aside, gear costs money. Thousands of dollars. So unless you’re shooting weddings all the time, it takes many shoots just to break even on what you’ve put in gear wise. 

For all of these things, and others that I did not mention, photography has a price. It shouldn’t be cheap. And because most photographers succeed based on word of mouth, crediting their work when you post it, is also essential. 

Pay the price, and credit their work. With whatever your profession is, I’m sure you want to get paid and get credit when credit is due. 

On this note, I've raised my prices, as I've expanded my knowledge base, as well as upgraded my gear. Check out the new prices here

That’s it.



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