over it.

i am so over it. over it. "it" being unethically made clothing from big business fast fashion companies. you should be over "it" too. 

i'm not going to spend this whole post ranting about how poorly those who construct most of america and europe's clothing (because I did that already in an earlier post) are treated. however, I am going to urge you to spend an hour and a half of your life watching "The True Cost" on netflix because that's the only thing that may truly open your mind to the truth behind stores like H&M, Zara and Forever 21. It's not a feel good movie. It's a earth-shattering truth movie. 

I digress. I want to show you some of my absolute favorite options when it comes to transparent and wonderful companies that deserve your business. No, these options aren't going to be cheap because I'm afraid, with very few exceptions, only fast fashion is "cheap." everlane is very affordable, though. Click the headers of each brand to shop them!

1. Hackwith Design House

Goodness, do I love this company. The designs are so clean, well constructed and are such staples you won't get rid of them literally ever. Their clothes are 100% made in the USA and almost all of them are limited edition in that there are only 11-15 made. Killing the exclusivity game.

2. Are You Am I

Literally all the cool girls are wearing this. It's all made in sunny, Los Angeles, CA, ready for you to snap up and style it all your own. You can catch Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin all sporting this in the spring/summer months (and their amazing croft hoodie year-round). 

3. everlane

Everlane is an incredible company for several reasons. one being they have a fair amount of clothing made in the grand ole' us of a, and when it's not made in america, they show and tell you exactly where it is made. they're known for their "radical transparency." i mean what company has a "factories" tab on their main menu next to "visit us" and "about"? another really cool part about everlane is their "choose what you pay" option. yes, that's correct. check it out. 

4. christy dawn

i stumbled upon this wonderful company's instagram by chance one day, and have been in love ever since. they make beautiful, bohemian style dresses, rompers and jumpsuits out of what is called "deadstock" fabrics. this means the fabric comes from other large fashion houses when they don't need it anymore. christy dawn is then able to repurpose it, as opposed to it just going into a landfill (big problem). also, click the header up there that says "christy dawn" for $30 off your first order!! u welcome 

happy ethical shopping xx,


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