"all high fashion clothing brands manufacture in italy or france." i wish. some are, but some aren't, and that doesn't make them any less expensive (and it should). this week i went on a quest to see what brands i could find that had "made in china" on the inner tag of at least a few of their things. the results may shock you. 

1. marc jacobs

2. versace

3. coach (did you know they own stuart weitzman?)

4. armani  

5. burberry  

6. prada  

there are a few brands I am 99% sure (based on the research I did) make nothing in china and those are chanel (france & italy), givenchy (italy), saint laurent (italy), balenciaga (italy and france) and gucci (italy). i've not seen chloe made in china, however, I have seen it made in places other than italy  or france (such as portugal). 

a good way to check on these things when you're shopping is to look at the details portion of a product. if it's made in a place like italy or france, they will tell you so. if not, they will either say nothing regarding where it's made, or it will say "imported". made in china doesn't mean that these products aren't made well by any means, it just means that they are getting them made for much cheaper than those in france and italy, and you happen to be paying the same price. those brands above are spending less, and making more profit. this may be smart on their part, but i can't help but give them less credit as high fashion or couture designers. 

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