spring break beaches

if you're blessed enough to be spending spring break at the beach, you are blessed enough. if you live in california or florida you're just straight up blessed. i'm fortunate enough to be going to aruba for spring break with my fam and the boyfriend so i'm going to show you a few of my essentials.  

So first off, you need a woven/straw bag. it's not spring break (or summer for that matter) without one. I love both of the bags I put in the gallery there for you, but i personally just ordered the circular clare v bag. obsessed. 

next: shoes. I found brother vellies a while back (designer of the wonderful little feather slides) and i finally just made the plunge and bought myself a pair. i'm in love with them!!!! however, anything you find on garmentory is amazing, and that's where i found the other suede sandals. you're welcome. 

how can you possibly have a successful spring break without a cute towel?!?!?!?

you have to get a boho-chic beach/spa towel from pendleton. you can't go wrong. you also have to get (of course you actually don't have to do anything i say, but you should hear me out on this one!!) the beauty products i put over there for you. I've shown you the body oil before, and it still rocks my socks. also, you definitely still want to look healthy and nice while beaching it, so get yourself some becca cheek and lip tint!!!

okay guys. i'm done lecturing you, but these items are killer and you'll thank me later. sharing is caring y'all!!! (i've lived in nashville for too long obviously...i'm using y'all in a blog post) anyway. I hope you have an amazing spring break and that you eat lots of acai/pitaya bowls because they're too yummy.



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