summer checklist:


if you're  blessed  like me, your summer starts in a mere two weeks. this calls for a checklist on all things summery, and i'm here to give you a peek at what's on my checklist when it comes to summer essentials.  

  1.  layered necklaces
  2. bandanas
  3. perfect denim shorts  
  4. perfect simple tees
  5. sandals of your dreams
  6. summer scents  
  7. straw EVERYTHING
  8. a good tanning oil (or sunscreen) 
  9. a film camera

to start; layered necklaces (in my case, they're gold). i'm not into necklaces that tarnish because i love to wear them all the time, so i'm willing to invest. if this isn't the case for you, i'll give you some amazing options too! regardless, layered necklaces are super cute any time of year and i'm so into them right now.  

next: bandanas. these are certainly something i wear year round, but they're arguably a perfect summer accessory. madewell has some killer prints, but i'm legit not kidding when i say you can get them on amazon. i did (lol). 

im a sucker for denim; particularly denim shorts. i just purchased my all-time favorite pair, and they were definitely an investment. Off-White kills it, but they're certainly not cheap and my belly hurt a little after buying them. ~worth it tho~  anyway  madewell also has some fantastic denim shorts and american apparel made some of my favs, but we all know they're bankrupt now *tragic*. 

You can never have too many good t-shirts. pinkie promise. i know its hard, but you've got to get rid of the cheapies, and invest in good t-shirts so they last you. I have three companies I suggest: everlane, current/elliott and vince

sandals, babe. these are summer essentials. you wanna go funky? Go with these prada babies. you're looking for platforms? these are amazing. 

summer is the hottest season (duh), so you're more likely to sweat, and more likely to smell not so pretty. the fix? a yummy summer scent. my favorite scents are prada candy, estee lauder  modern muse, and any tom ford honestly.

guys..... i love straw. straw boots, straw hats, straw bags. give me all of them. srsly. i have these straw intropia boots, and i've never been happier with a shoe purchase. I know i told you guys about my clare v straw bag, but i found one i like more (though i haven't purchased........yet). Posse has several amazing straw bags that are very '70s, and i'm so into them. obsessed with this one. 

i have purchased two items from bali body, and managed to lose them both (one before even trying it). i'm the worst. however, if you can manage to keep track of yours, this tanning oil (or sunscreen) is fantastic. if you want bathing suits of choice, check my arubae blog post, here

lastly, how in the world will you document your summer without a film camera? yes, i know, your  answer is all like "um, my iphone??????" but i promise, a good film camera is way better. i have a canon t80, from 1985, and i am obsessed. it's canons first auto-focus camera (isn't great at doing that) but i adore the photos. its a great choice for  someone who understands manual photography. if not, you can go with a classic Yashica T4 if you'd like to stay retro, or you can go with a new film camera from urban

ps: if you're in nashville, you can get all your film developed at a place called dury's with a 24hr turn around time. if not, i recommend sending your film off to the darkroom in california. you can get your photos digitally, matte and with borders. however, if you're lazy, you can get it done at some walgreens, but the quality will be literal garbage. psa.



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