mini rant: trends

okay guys. i'm going to start this off by saying trends are cool and all, and literally anything any designer puts out is based off of some sort of fashion trend forecasting, and that's great. WGSN is cool as heck, and i'd love to work there. however, because something is on trend does not  by any means  decide you're not cool or whatever if you don't wear it. I am a firm believer in wearing whatever the heck I want to wear. If it's on trend, great. If not, I literally could care less. I highly advise against spending $20-$50 on an item from H&M or Zara (1. fast fashion) just because someone told you that it was trendy and you just had to have it.

I try to buy pieces that are staple basics. Your tees, your denim, your neutral boots/sandals. OR if you wanna have a ton of fun, go thrifting and see what you fall in love with! If you have crappy thrift stores, go on etsy! (even if you have good thrift stores, go on etsy). Anyway, if I see a trendy item here or there that I absolutely love, I will most definitely get it. And you know what? I'll keep wearing it, even when it's not "trendy" anymore.  

rant over. mic drop.  



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