hey pretty mama


okay mother lovers, mother's day is coming up, and i've got the gift ideas for you. several years ago for christmas, my dad got my mom and I gift sets from L'Occitane En Provence, and he started a love for skin care that I didn't have before. since receiving those products for the first time, I always find myself using at least one L'Occitane product on the daily. why am I telling you this? because if your mom is not properly pampering her skin, you can help guide her in the right direction (with an amazing gift set no less!!!!!). 

we all know skin at any age needs to be moisturized, and moms love to keep their skin feeling young. my go-to, and now my mom's go to is the almond shower oil, followed by the almond supple skin oil (this makes me feel like I have Carrie Underwood's legs). for the body, the milk concentrate leaves a subtle, yummy scent on your skin leaving it soft for dayyyyzzzz and the delicious hands cream...need I say more? 

your mama will love this set and every product in it, i promise (and you'll even want to steal some yourself). 

have a beautiful day, and happy mama shopping!



*sponsored by l'occitane*