nash fashion week 2017

hey y'all (no, never mind starting over) . hi guys!! nashville fashion week for this year is winding to a close, and I had the best time. click around on the hyperlinks i gave you. some may be my exact garments, some may be alternatives! check it out :)

tuesday was the first night of shows, and this was my first opportunity to photograph the looks from the end of the runway.  I was wearing white Simon miller wide leg jeans, a tiger brandy Melville top, my brother vellies lamu sandals, and a suede fringe top shop shawl with my favorite bag in the world. I actually spotted one of the directors of Nashville fashion week wearing brother vellies sandals as well! currently wishing i could dress like this all the time, i just don't have enough genuinely cool clothes lolz. 

wednesday was the second night of shows, and i wore my favorite look honestly ever. i was wearing a j'adore dior tee i got from the real real, vintage tweed trousers from top knot vintage, glittery mesh socks from urban, and italian blue suede sandals from the private label here in nashville. i also wore some costume jewelry because why the heck not. 

thursday wasn't about fashion shows, but about nashville art. i dragged christian to this one, and we met up with ceci once we got downtown. it started on 5th ave at a few galleries over there, and then we took a little tram to the frist (nashville's small scale MET). the best part of the night was honestly taking the little shuttle from one gallery to the next, and we made some cool photographer friends. my look was an alexander wang denim maxi, a gingham zara top, chanel mules, and a vintage dolce and gabbana chain belt. 

check out some of my favorite photos from the shows in the gallery. the pics of me are either by my mom, @heyitshall or @cecis_endless_pizza. you probably already follow those two, but if not.....wyd??????

until next year!



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