rose gold


ok friends. i'm in love with rose gold/blush/salmon colored everything. i just bought myself a rose gold "jami-lyn" necklace and a rose gold ferragamo watch. i may be kinda obsessed. anyway, let me tell you about these rosy finds. 

so i've been using OUAI's normal hair oil, and it works wonders. my hair is luscious and shiny, and i highly doubt adding rose could do any harm. 10/10 would recommend. also, Dior's creme de rose balm is the only lip product i've ever finished. I just went to sephora and bought my second one today!!!! it smells divine and makes your lips super soft. okay. next. just look at the packaging alone of the Maison Margiela Replica perfume. The bottle on its own made me want to purchase, and then I smelled it. Yes. 100%. If rosy scents aren't your thing though, try the beachy one

the floaty is kind-of irrelevant, but whatever. I think its super cute. anyway.  

is it really one of my blog posts if I don't talk about gucci loafers???? *i do not own gucci loafers.* *but i am in love with them.* these are blush and beautiful and have a gold horse-bit detail. just wow. and finally, a simple, yet important item, the classic slip dress. aritzia is one of my favorites right now, and they're having a kick bum sale. kick bum. 

hope you're loving rose gold/blush/salmon as much as i am or this was a jumbo waste of your time!!! sorry!!!!  



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