keep it slow

fast fashion: an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers. 

slow fashion doesn't have a clean cut definition yet, as it's relatively new. it has everything to do with sustainable, well-made, ethically-made, clothing. the consumer has to have their eye on the 'big picture", consumption, and has to have the knowledge on fast fashion's affects on the environment. 

the newest craze in slow fashion is limited quantities and made-to-order garments. a new, front-runner: fame and partners. I've been lucky enough to have been working with fame and partners for the past few weeks on a piece they made specifically for me, as they do every garment. they offer adjustments and specific tailoring for each customer. not to mention with every purchase, $5 funds women's empowerment charities around the globe. 

over there you can check out the outfit i put together using the amazing, custom-made trousers from fame and partners, and see their website here. the top is rachel comey (made in nyc), the bag is kozha numbers (made in the usa), and the shoes are christian dior (made in france). 

all photos by my love, christian hall.



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