shoutout to fifa


so this past month in Florida, christian has been playing fifa on the ps3 with his brother & friends which is just bad news for my wallet. this is because whenever he's playing fifa, i'm online shopping (what else am i supposed to do???). this look is the product of many nights of fifa, and luckily i had christian to take these photos!

the shirt is from brandy melville, and it's one of their amazing graphic tees that look like you ridiculously spent $250 on (but you spent $30). Here's a similar tee from free people! the pants are from urban outfitters, and are the brand style mafia. the shoes are chanel, and i got them on the real real (GOD BLESS THE REAL REAL), and I found a similar pair for you hereboth the choker and denim jacket are from nordstrom, and i got them during the designer sale! unfortunately you can't get any new dior online, so you've got to call a boutique to find a choker, or go to one in person!

moral of the story: fifa is expensive when you're not the one playing it. 

(hide your boyfriend's ps3 to save money)