oui oui


i am on a bit of a french kick right now. you know, the kind where you find little french cafes, eat lots of croissants and find french boutiques online. though i can't virtually give you a cafe au lait, i can certainly hook you up with the best brands to get you looking like you belong on the streets of paris riding the cutest lil bicycle. 


first off, i'm starting with maison cleo. i found this brand about a year ago, and it is one of my favorite brands, period. everything is made to order by a mother and daughter, right in france. what more could you ask for? french silhouettes, french fabrics, just grab your cappuccino and a beret and you're ready to go. i paired their top with a dior bralette & denim and my favorite pointed toe flats. that is about as french as i'm able to get for a now nashvillian i suppose. 


now for rouje and realisation par, these are major "fashion girl" brands, often featured on european bloggers instagrams and who what wear. they both have the perfect not-too-girly spring/summer dresses, and the idea button down that leaves you still feeling feminine and chic. 

if you're into french things and are out of nashville, you have got to go to little gourmand. i can't believe i even spilled the beans about this place. low key wanted to keep it a secret but here i am. instagram away.  

until next time!!!! 



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