for real?

more like for real real!!!!! its no secret I love the real real. anyone that asks me where I get my designer things knows its from the real real (or nordstrom rack, occasionally). i straight up stalk that website for deals and for the items i was dying to have when i saw them in stores. sometimes, i even find brand new things, tags on and all, for 80% off! like WHAT!?!?! 

anyway, this blog post is dedicated to me finding these steals for you on the real real. no shame in the vintage designer game, babes. get yourself some vintage gucci or chanel and call it a day. 

My tricks of the trade? Search for something you really want, like chanel sandals, for instance. select your size, and sort the price from low-high. you've now got the items narrowed down. find something you like? add it to your cart and always always always use their 20% off code! check the top of their website to see what it is at the time, though it is usually "REAL". 

i love to buy christian shoes, shirts, and ties from here, and he loves it too (so do his friends)! snag your man an hermés tie so he can kill it alongside you! 

click on the banner above, or on any of these items if you like them! I've linked some amazing deals in the gallery below (nearly all under $200)! feel free to comment any questions below :)

happy shopping!



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