etsy and my boyfriend's closet

all photos by my love:  christian hall

all photos by my love: christian hall

i arrived in california on saturday the first of july to surprisingly cold weather and little to no sun. i'm equally as shocked as you are. however, today was absolutely stunning, and we saw our first california sunset, which of course called for one thing: sunset photos. I wanted to make this outfit as tropical as I could, despite the 60 degree weather, so I had to pull from a few places. I brought along with me a vintage christian dior bralette, and I decided to pair it with a tropical skirt. I came to a dead end trying to find a top; that is, until I raided Christian's closet. I pulled one of his navy button downs, and suddenly I was good to go. 

moral of this story: etsy is the way to go when it comes to finding killer, one-of-a-kind designer pieces for unreal prices. I could easily write a blog post on solely designer etsy finds under $100 or even $50. *hint* Until then, I'll link a few of my favorites below! 

the other moral of the story: raid your boyfriend's closet. or your brother's. or your dad's. or just the men's section of a store if you don't feel like doing one of the three things above. they have perfect oversized button downs, tees, and jackets for lower costs because stores always charge women more for the same things, and we simply don't care... so we still purchase. 

this was just my first little post from california! stay tuned for a larger trip diary (you know, if you want to).