bonjour madewell


Well, we all know I'm obsessed with the idea of France. I can only be obsessed with the idea of it being that I've never been. I've never seen Versailles or 21 Rue Cambon, but I've seen plenty of photos of it all. The architecture, the food and the fashion. It all seems so antiquated and beautiful. One day I'll go, and I'm sure it won't let me down!

Until then, I'll stick with Madewell's fall collection. It's common fashion knowledge that Parisian girls simply have the most timeless and chic sense of style. The essentials are as follows: 

  • perfect denim
  • a subtle graphic tee
  • sneaks, mules, or loafers
  • a striped tee (long or short sleeve)
  • a striped sweater
  • a neck scarf
  • a high-quality, and not overtly designer bag

The best news? Madewell has all of the above. This is completely not sponsored, I'm just thoroughly in love with the brand (after all, their VP of design follows me on instagram (screams)). 

I've linked my picks below, give em a peek and get to frenchin' (take that how you'd like to). 

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