Aesthetics, babe

if you follow me on instagram, you know there’s something going on when it comes to how my photos look, and that's me aiming for an “aesthetic.” 

having an aesthetic requires only a few things, and we will elaborate on all three:  

Jacquemus Top/Levis Denim
  1. nice, natural light
  2. consistent editing
  3. variation in photos


Okay, so this one is honestly the most important. If you don't have good light, the quality and appearance goes way down. You can throw in an "edgy" flash photo here and there, but I don't use them often. You can use your iPhone, your mom's old point-and-shoot, or a DSLR. Take your pick (pic). 


I use the same preset, or filter, on every photo. I make tiny adjustments here and there, but generally I just slap the same look on every photo. I use Lightroom because I know how to use it well, but VSCO is a great tool! Find one you love, and absolutely stick with it! If you really love mine, you can buy exactly what I use right with that little "purchase" button!


This is a rule I sort of made up, and I rarely break it. So if you look at my instagram, you'll see it goes like this: picture of people (distant/waist up), picture of outfit details, food, or a place. It keeps it so there's no two similarly shot photos touching each other. You don't necessarily have to follow that exactly to have variation, but you can just try and focus on not having two of the same kind of photo near each other. The best app to organize your feed before you post is UNUM. 

If there's another step I have to add, it's got to do with outfits, and I literally buy all my favorite things from the Real Real. Click that pretty little banner to get yourself some quality looks. 

That's about all the advice I can give you, as that's all I do! Good luck, and message me if you start to try it! xx

- @jlbabe



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