Here's what some of you wanted to know:

What apps do you use to edit your photos? 

So I edit my photos in my feed with lightroom, using the presets you can buy here! For my stories, I use DSCO (within VSCO), and Glitché. For the sparkles, I use KiraKira+. For the cool little "film" frame, I use CameraBag. 

Hi Jami-lyn! I hope you are doing well! I love your posts and was wondering what is your favorite handbag? I know you really like Gucci but noticed that you have been rocking a gorgeous Chanel boy bag lately! Would love to hear your thoughts about handbags:-)

Ugh this is a hard one. I love Chanel Boy Bags because of how classic and timeless they are. Did you know they were named after her long-time lover Boy Capel? I'm also into Loewe's cute little elephant bags. For summer though, I think I'm going to snag a Staud Maureo Bucket Bag. 

What do you eat in a day?! Workout routine? Share babe!

I try to eat açai at least twice a week! It's so yummy and full of antioxidants. My college has an awesome cafe, so when I'm there I get a peanut butter protein, cocoa, and avocado shake with almond milk for breakfast, and a BLT for lunch! Dinner is usually chicken with rice (or potatoes) and veggies, or a pasta dish. I don't try crazy hard to eat well, though it's something I'm working towards! I also try to do hot yoga at least twice a week! 

This was fun, guys! Stay tuned for some exciting internship news! xx

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