On the Hunt

This is about how to properly thrift.



You’ve got to be on the hunt   for something when you leave your house. 

You’ve got to have an outfit in mind that you’re missing a piece for. My recent finds include a leather bomber jacket (Our Thrift Store), a wool statement cardigan/coat and an embellished sweater (The Factory at Franklin). Was I looking for these exact things? No. But I had some things in mind. For example, I wanted a coat the color of the statement wool coat I found. I actually did want a leather bomber, and I literally got one for $15. The embellished vintage Escada sweater was in my mind a cobalt blue cropped cardigan, but the amazing embellished sweater is more than perfect.

If you don’t go in initially looking for something, it’s unlikely you’ll walk out with anything. However, if you have a mission, you’re more likely to walk out with something you love, even if it’s completely unrelated to your mission.  

Here’s two outfits with my recent finds.  

First we have the statement wool coat. I put it over a vintage DVF jumpsuit and a thrifted turtleneck tank top. I accessorized it with some Del Toro x Vogue 125 loafers and a Chanel Boybag.  

Second we have the bomber.  I put it over a cropped white sweater, black Madewell jeans, and some Maison Margiela booties with a Chanel Boybag. The sweater and the booties are from UAL. You can shop their locations in Nashville and New Orleans, or online! 

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