Time To Consign

It’s National Consignment Day!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.53.20 AM.png

Consignment has countless perks, from being able to snag luxury things for less, to the reduction of the fashion world’s footprint on the environment. By reusing pre-loved goods, we can reduce the amount of clothes ending up in landfills across the world, and help reduce the need/want of fast fashion.

The Real Real created National Consignment Day to create awareness of what fashion does to the environment, and how using gently loved things can really make an impact. I’m all about it! I’m going to link some killer finds from The Real Real below for you to check out, invest in, wear for either forever or a while, and to hand down or consign one day. You can see how much I’ve contributed by consigning below, too!

Happy shopping!



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