Re/Done Buying Denim Elsewhere

Re/Done is not just a denim company.

Re/Done has revolutionized the fashion girl's closet, and determined itself to be a go-to for wardrobe essentials (for men and women). They celebrate each pair of Levi's past lives and give each pair of denim a new voice and a new body to live on. Denim aside, they have amazing t-shirts, leather skirts & jackets, teddy bear jackets, and a collaboration with Cindy Crawford. Need I say more? 

In the look above you'll catch me in one of their reconstructed skirts, one of their Hanes tees, my favorite Chanel boots, a little Gucci belt, Celine sunnies and a Lewitt velvet puffer. Photos by my love, Christian Hall. 

Click the little header I made above to get shopping and be sure to check out their sale! xx 

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