Danielle Bernstien is one of America's biggest fashion bloggers and "entrepreneurs." She's had a line of shoes, has a line of overalls, and most recently, a swimwear collaboration and a jewelry collaboration where she supposedly took the role as a "designer."

Lets back up a little, shall we? As an influencer of her caliber, she's often gifted clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and even vacations. One of the companies to have her over and let her borrow pieces? Unique and well-loved fine jewelry brand, Foundrae. Fast-forwarding to today. The owner and designer behind Foundrae, Beth has come forward revealing that Danielle had been invited over to look at the line, and even took pieces with her for styling and posting purposes. Danielle made her "huge announcement" yesterday that she is collaborating with costume jewelry company Lulu DK on a line that has completely ripped off Foundrae and Bondeye Jewelry (which she's also been seen wearing). Despicable. Click on that Insta screenshot to see the details. 

With this, any negative feedback Danielle receives, she is removing the comments and blocking the users (I can confirm this, she did it to me). You know you've indeed been a knockoff if you've been featured on Diet Prada, and this certainly happened too. 

I'm super disappointed in this whole ordeal. I genuinely really appreciated Danielle and what I thought was hard work. I even bought a swimsuit from her recent Onia collab, but as soon as I receive it, a return label is being slapped on it and is going on my dang porch. 

Ohhhhhh snap. Can't wait for her to own up to this and see if the launch actually takes place on the 9th. Grab your popcorn, babes. 

Update: May 8th

Danielle did everything but apologize. She posted on her story claiming there is a "vicious online campaign to inaccurately paint the #LuluDKxWeWoreWhat collaboration in a negative light" (how dramatic) and that she would never intentionally copy another designer (but she did). She also started crying and said the whole collection is based on the necklace she bought after her grandfather passed away. Sad, yes, but that isn't an excuse to copy other designers on the other 26 pieces. Nordstrom conversed with her, LuluDK, and the designers who had been copied and decided to pull the pieces in question, but Danielle claimed she chose to pull them because she "ALWAYS [does] the right thing." Really? I think we're done here.