The only Monday of the year I like is here, and its the first Monday in May. Not because tomorrow is my last day of class, but because it's the Met Gala. If you haven't seen the documentary, First Monday in May, just stop what you're doing (yes, leave this webpage) and go to Netflix right now. 

For those of you still with me, which is like, maybe two people, hello. Ah. The Met Gala. The most fabulous fundraiser ever (nothing like the cake walks I did in high school, ugh). The reason for the Met Gala is that it's the grand opening and fundraiser for the yearly costume institute exhibit curated for the most part by Anna Wintour and her team. I had to share my favorite looks from this year's Met Gala (and exhibit theme): Heavenly Bodies. Check em out. My personal favorites? Blake Lively and Jared Leto with Lana Del Rey. x All photos from Damon Winter of the New York Times.