Real Real Good.

Oh, The Real Real. 

I can go on and on about The Real Real. They've changed the game with finding past seasons pieces at a fraction of the cost, and they make it easy to snag what you're looking for (and everything you aren't looking for/didn't know you needed). 

On top of all of that, it makes it easy to sell the things you aren't feelin' anymore. Below I'm going to link the pieces I'm selling on there in case you've been eyeing something of mine! 

We've got some gorgeous Chanel flats, Proenza sandals, Erdem mules, and some limited edition Vogue x Del Toro loafers. Give em a click if you're into it! 

I've found so many gems through TRR, including shoes I never thought I'd find when they left the stores, to bags I've never seen before. Give them a look, and you may find your new favorite thing. xx


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