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That was formerly the state of Colorado's catchphrase. It's current catchphrase is "The Centennial State", which is not near as funny/amusing. 

July 6th-12th I spent in Colorado with my parents and Christian. For the plane ride in, I wore a Brandy Melville silky tank top with my favorite Brownlee terry pants with the coordinating sweatshirt tied around my waist and my Yeezy 500 Blush sneaks. We flew in safe & sound, but lets just say the rest didn't go as planned. The resort we booked was under construction, we ("flatlanders" as those who don't live 5,280 ft above sea level are called) were naive and went up to the Pike's Peak reservoir immediately upon arrival which royally screwed Christian the entirety of the trip. 

Let me give you some insight. Nashville is roughly 600 ft above sea level. Colorado Springs is over 6,000 ft above sea level, which causes the body to do some funky things and in turn, may cause altitude sickness. Especially if you attempt to go up to 9,200 ft the first day without letting your body adjust. Long story short, Christian was throwing up everywhere all day on Saturday, and was pretty much nauseous, had a tough time taking deep breaths and had no appetite the entire trip. He literally lost 15 lbs. 

We took him to the urgent clinic and they hooked him up to a serious can of oxygen, gave him two prescriptions and he felt a bit better.  We also went to Elevation Hydration, Colorado Springs' only IV Therapy center twice to get him hydrated and to replenish some lost vitamins. By the end he was able to eat a bit more, but needless to say he was ready to go home. 

In the midst of all that, we changed hotels to the breathtakingly beautiful Broadmoor, and spent the rest of our time there at the pool, the spa and golfing. When C felt well, it was a great time, but when he didn't I was worried sick and running around doing anything I could to make him feel better. 

a PSA: If you're going to Colorado (literally anywhere above 6,000 ft), drink tons of smart water (lack of electrolytes are part of why people get sick), get some acclimation medicine from your doctor beforehand if you're prone, and wait 3 or so days to go to a higher elevation to avoid any altitude sickness. Seriously looked like the worst thing ever. 


Anyway, fun things to do if Colorado Springs ever ends up on your itinerary:

  • Horseback Ride through the Garden of the Gods (way better than hiking or walking it)
  • The Zoo
  • Check out the Broadmoor (De Lago is an amazing Italian restaurant there)
  • Golf at the Broadmoor (The US Senior Open takes place there)
  • Visit Manitou Springs, a really cute town. Red Dog Coffee is adorable!