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Late one evening in June, 

Christian was playing FIFA and I was watching videos of Cristiano Ronaldo absolutely wrecking people and I thought: "Wow, it would be surreal to watch him play in person one day." I assumed the only way to do so would to be to go to Spain and catch a Real Madrid game, so I looked up their schedule on a whim. 

Would you like to know what I discovered? 

I discovered that Real Madrid would be playing Juventus, Christian's favorite team, on August 4th just outside of Washington D.C. Are you kidding me? We could see this match within a few months and not have to travel to Europe? Obviously I bought tickets on the spot because it was 1:30 in the morning and what else was I supposed to do? This is certainly a good idea for several reasons: Seeing Ronaldo, seeing Juventus, tons of shopping, Momofuku, and tons of museums. 10/10 there is no way I'm not going. 

Fast Forward to July 6. 

Gossip hit the streets that Ronaldo may be transferring to Juventus. 

Fast Forward to July 10.

Ronaldo signed with Juventus.

Needless to say, I lost my sh*t and was posting about it all over my instagram story. Now I didn't have to watch the GOAT play against the team C and I love, but rather see him lead the team we love to success. Dang. 



And neither is Dybala for that matter! Darn it! All the guys that were in the world cup won't be making an appearance because they will have been on break and only starting training a few days before the ICC. Ugh. Well I'm sure it'll still be a good time. 


Game day, baby. 

We spend the day adventuring around DC and see countless Real Madrid and Juventus jerseys everywhere we go. We get back to the hotel and get ready for the game and leave via cab at 4:50 for a 6:05 start. It's about 15 miles away. I sh*t you not it takes us until 5:45 to get even remotely close to the stadium. Once we think we're close enough, we hop out and walk the rest of the way. As we finally approach the stadium, the anthem is playing. We get up to the entrance, and I'm told my 6x6 bag is too big. Great. At this point, I tell Christian and my parents to go inside. My parents go, but C refuses to leave me alone. We are directed to an entrance 4 gates away that has lockers to rent at $15 a pop. That's not the bad part. The line was about 150 people long. We got inside at the 42". I wanted Christian to go inside so bad I was legitimately crying. Not to mention our seats were just to the right of where we went in, but we were directed to go left. Around the entire stadium. Juventus lost 3-1. I still feel bad. 

The end. 

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