"What Camera Do You Use?"

The "Professional" Look

The "Professional" Look

The instagram question of the decade. 

To be quite honest , I've wondered the same thing for a lot of my favorite bloggers. I love the effortless, iPhone-style-but-better-than-an-iPhone-quality kind of look and it can be a little bit challenging to achieve. Are you more into the very professional but easy to use vibe? I have the solution for you too. 

The professional look:

So this was shot on my Nikon D810. Not easy to use, not cheap, and is very much a professional camera. A lot of your favorite bloggers use this, not because they know how to use it personally, but because they have an actual photographer that is there 25/7. It had a 35mm 1.8 prime lens on it, which gives it that blurry background (please don't try to make the background blurry on a regular iPhone photo. plz) everyone loves. I only have this camera because photography is what I do for the cheddar. I rarely use this for my own instagram. My followers don't seem to like it!

The less-expensive professional look:

The "Less Expensive Professional" Look

The "Less Expensive Professional" Look

This is a much more affordable and easy-to-use way to get that professional look for a cheaper, but still an investment, price. This was shot on a Sony a6500, a continuous auto focus camera that shoots photos ridiculously fast, so it's nearly impossible to miss the shot. For this look, I used an 80mm 1.4 prime lens (this is the pricy part), and I absolutely love it. This is the setup I used to shoot the Rebecca Minkoff show during NYFW last September! 

The effortless look:

This look was also shot on the Sony a6500, but with what is called a kit lens. If you buy the camera with the lens it comes with, that's the kit lens. It isn't a prime lens, so it has less of that blurry background, and makes it look like a really high quality iPhone photo. This is the look I'm going to go for in the coming weeks. I just ordered a new "point-and-shoot" camera from Leica that I'm waiting on that will give me this look too. 

The even more effortless look:  

Friends this is simply an iPhone photo. You just gotta get the angle and clean your lens before you start taking photos!

All of these means of taking photos are effective, and different audiences respond differently to all of them! Some people love an the on the go, iPhone candid, and other people like a more curated image. Use whatever suits you best, and I'm sure your feed will be looking fiiiiiineeeeee. x


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