The “Blogger” I Never Want To Be

If you’ve followed any given influencer since their start, more often than not you’ve seen an unfortunate and inevitable change in their feed, content and style. 


With the exception of a few bloggers out there, almost all the content is sponsored (whether they disclose the ad or not is another issue entirely). Do they even like the brands they're taking money and "free" things from? I get it. When you're starting out, it's hard to say no to your first few gifting requests. I didn't. I jumped at every damn opportunity because it was frickin' exciting! It's such a surreal thing when someone recognizes those outfits, photos and edits you worked so hard on. However, when you're an established blogger and you're taking gifts from brands you don't already use, like and support, what are you doing. 


I want to remain as genuine as I can as a content creator. A small percent of my photos feature gifted things because the brands I love the most aren't gifting me anything yet. When Dior Makeup reached out, I nearly threw my phone. I want to have that reaction with every brand I work with. If I'm going to leave the tags on these "gifted" things and sell them at a closet sale or on poshmark , I'm not being genuine anymore.

To me, clothing isn't disposable. 

When you start treating clothes like they grow on trees and not between the fingers of an artisan or someone that's only making cents an hour, it's time for a reality check. When you disregard a person because they don't have as many followers as you do, it's time for a reality check. Bloggers like Christie Tyler (@nycbambi) are so inspiring to me. Her content has been so true to her aesthetic for years and years, and all of the brands she posts about she genuinely believes in. She also responds to people that message her; she has had a bunch of quality conversations with me. People like her give me hope in this industry when it feels the most shallow. 

I hope to continue to be myself in this industry, and I will do everything in my power to remain grounded and humble should I grow. 

that's all. x



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