A Q+A With Iconic Womenswear Designer: Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff. Images by Jami-lyn Fehr

Rebecca Minkoff began her fashion empire in 2005 with her brother and fellow designer, Uri Minkoff. Her road to success began a bit earlier than that, though. In 2001 she designed a rendition of the iconic “I Love New York” shirt (yes, the one you’re envisioning in your head) worn by Jenna Elfman on the Jay Leno show, and the rest is history. She had her first child shortly after her brand began to really grow and neither her career nor motherhood has suffered due to her impressive multi-tasking abilities. While many may inquire about the balance between work-life and mom-life, it’s become quite evident there isn’t one, and as a powerhouse in the fashion industry, you just make it work. I got to interview Rebecca following her stunning Fall 2019 Presentation to take a peek into her inspiration behind the collection, what the idea of women-empowerment means to her, and what a morning in her very busy life looks like (among many other things). 

A model featuring RM’s Fall 2019 collection.

Jami-lyn: What was your inspiration for your Fall 2019 collection? 

Rebecca Minkoff: Working women, the girls who work in our office, and real women on the street. I focused on dressing women for those long, 9-to-5 days, but tried to give them both casual and bold options. 

JL: What drew you to the fashion industry? 

RM: I think it was the fact that I could turn my imagination into reality.

JL: How brands connect with their customers is ever-changing, how are you adjusting?

RM: We are constantly trying to keep up. Social is why we are here so we have to be always on.

JL: Your personal brand is built on women-empowerment, and you’ve even created the Female Founder Collective; can you elaborate on what called you to do this and what exactly it entails? 

RM: It came out of a desire to have the consumer recognize and support female-founded brands and also unite a community of founders to take each other to the next level. It’s a community of over 5 thousand women and the seal is now on over 2.5 million products. The directory of brands is coming out next year and we will also be announcing partnerships to get founders access to capital.

JL: A little more on you: If you’re not wearing your own brand, what are your wardrobe staples? 

RM: Classics: T-shirts and jeans.

JL: What does a morning in your life look like? 

RM: Mayhem. 3 kids. The days I take them to school I also work out, and if not, I get a few alone hours with the baby before I head off to work.

JL: Any beauty essentials we should know about? 

RM: Joanna Vargas for skin!

JL: Ideal way to relax after a busy week?

RM: A nap! A glass of rose! A hot bath!

JL: And to close, in one word, the fashion industry in your opinion: 

RM: Dynamic.

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